National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

NAPS offers financial incentives and benefits for enterprises of all sizes. The ease of implementation, transparency and flexibility of NAPS has taken into account issues faced by the industry with regard to their employee strength and business goals.

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Apprenticeship helps you build a skilled, motivated and committed workforce for meeting the current and future demands of the industry. Globally, 90% of the organizations have found many benefits of engaging apprentices. Besides, long-term benefits like employee retention and reduction in training costs, a company that attracts apprentices increases its reputation as being socially committed.
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You can be an apprentice from the age of 14 years and start earning while learning! Students get an exposure to real-life workplace, latest technology and process in an industry environment while you get trained by industry experts. You employment prospects improve after completion of apprenticeship program since you acquire skills, knowledge and abilities that are needed by the industry for various job roles. Read more...


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