Creative Arts and Fashion

Apparel Sector

Skill India Mission becomes inclusive when we reach out to women by providing them door to door vocational education and ensuring their sustainable livelihoods. LabourNet believes in enabling livelihoods of all. LabourNet targets women of our country and has provided skill development training to more than 800+ women in sewing machine operator trade. These women have become a source of word of mouth publicity for LabourNet. Under the PMKVY, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program it is planned to assess and certify tailors associated with brands such as Raymonds and different production units of Thirupur etc. The initiative will reach out to 15000+ tailors, men and women.

Textile and Clothing Sector

With the evolution of the lifestyle of India’s urban consumers, their clothing requirements have broadened from being mere home wear, office wear to special occasion and functional wear. Human resource requirement in the sector is expected to reach 21.54 million by 2022 translating into 6.31 million additional employment opportunities during the period 2013-22. LabourNet has trained over 6500 trainees in 11+ locations. The major trades of training under this sector are Fashion Designing, Tailoring and Tailoring-Bags. The LabourNet’s partners for this sectors are HUL, Panasonic, Manipal Foundation, Union Bank, JBF, ITC, CII-DFID, DLF, CHF, Apollo Tyre Foundation, CII-ABG, CII-DFID and Jubilant. This sector provides both self and wage employment opportunities to trainees post training.

Retail Sector

Indian retail industry has been growing at a steady pace fueled by factors like changing lifestyles, rising disposable incomes, favorable demographics, and easy credit availability. As per NSDC skill gap report for the sector, employment base of the industry is expected to reach 56 million by 2022 across conventional and specialized retail segments. This calls for urgent need to equipped youth population with required skills to earn gainful employment in retail sector. The number of youth underwent skill training with Labournet is over 65000 trainees trained in around 21 locations.

LabourNet partnered with 15+ corporate partners with major players being Godrej, GCPL, HUL, ITC, TCL, TRRAIN, Mahindra & Mahindra, Manipal Foundation, I See Staffing Solutions, JBF, ASAP, CII_DFID, CHF, HPCL, GAILand DLF. The training were conducted in more than 9 trades from retail industry which focus on Sales management, Retail Sales, Distributor Salesman, Sales Training and other related trades from sector.

Handloom and Handcrafts Sector

The Handlooms and Handicrafts segments in India are highly fragmented and unorganised. At the same time the sector gives India its distinct cultural identity and contributes considerably to economic activities in India. As per NSDC skill gap report for Handloom and Handicrafts sector, by the year 2022, Sector would require a workforce of 17.79 million.

LabourNet realizing the potential of this sector has a strong foothold in terms of number of trainees trained. LabourNet has trained over 7500+ trainees in 20+ locations across country. It has tied up various partners such as Manipal Foundation, Union Bank, Indian institute of Entrepreneurship, Honda Motor Cycle & Scoot er India Pvt Ltd, PanditDeenDayalUpadhyaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped, Panasonic, ITC, JBF, CII-DFID, DLF and Mahindra & Mahindra and many others. The trades of training were mainly candle making, tailoring and agarbatti making.

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