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Dilip Kumar

“I have always wanted to join ITI to formally learn the electrical trade”I learned how to wire two and three bedrooms, along with single phase set up and how to work on a transformer. This led to me working on a project of my own, utilizing the skills i had learned from the course.I also began to take up more projects, allowing me to earn approximately Rs 10,000-12,000 a month. Not only did this build my own confidence, but i was able to support his family better.


Arbind Kumar

“My supervisor found my newly acquired skills very impressive on-site”I found the learning card used during the training program particularly informative and used the practical training to improve my work on site. As a result of this, my supervisor found my newly acquired skills very impressive on-site. Today i earns approximately RS. 12,000 a month and I am able to support my family better.


Pradeep Kumar

“ After completing the two month long course, I found himself to be a changed person.”I was a victim of adverse financial circumstances. Desperate and anxious,I was introduced to the centre where the course on retail sales was being conducted and enrolled myself in it when i found that it was free of cost. I found myself to be a changed man. Confident in my newly acquired skill set, i was able to secure a job as a retail sales associate, providing myself and my family with the much needed financial stability.



During the two month long course, I learned Arc and Mig welding along with the safety aspects of the job as a welder. I was rewarded with a NSDC certificate upon passing exam.Not only did the certificate open more job opportunities for me, it also helped me get better at my current job as it improved on my skill set. Thus, i was able to secure my job as a Welding Operator at the Suryodev Power Plant.


Rupali Patil

“The training program not only taught me more about my field but it also allowed me to move up the career ladder” I could not have possibly predicted the events of my life after joining LabourNet while i heard about their Tally course for the first time through my friend.I had outstanding attendance through the course of the program and after successfully passing my exams with flying colours, i earned several interviews at renown companies such as HDFC Bank etc. I was extremely moved by the offer made by LabourNet and was over the moon when i heard about my acceptance with LabourNet.


Kalpana Kishore Sawant

“The practical and theoretical approach of the course gave me the adequate exposure in the field. The non-familiarity with the English language didn’t hinder my path as the trainers of LabourNet with utmost affection guided me and helped me reach the goal i thrived to achieve.The English words were translated into Marathi or hindi so that the students are familiar with the words. Due to LabourNet, I now earns decent income and can contribute to my daily household expenditure and spend for my family’s wellbeing. my determination and passion got me to a place where I am independent and self-sufficient.


Gowdyanadoddi village, Tamil Nadu

As a mother of two children, finding a steady source of income to support them and plan for their future has always been my primary goal. I have been into rearing of two cows since many years. The RPL training and certification has taught me how to keep my cowshed clean and detect signs of any disease in my cows. Instances of viral infection like ‘Bavu’ that leads to swelling of the udder have reduced in my village as we are all aware of the causes of the disease now and try to maintain cleanliness at the shed. Feeding techniques, especially for the mother cow and her calves have helped in increasing the yield of milk.


Raju Ram
B L Kashyap, Bangalore

I belong to an underprivileged scheduled caste family of 10 members. With limited education till 5th standard, the only role that I was able to carry out was as a construction worker. I took the RPL with bridge training and am able to erect and dismantle scaffoldings with much ease and swiftness. My supervisor is happy with this improvement. With certification and Aadhaar card I hope to improve my present income and take care of my family better.


Tekkupatti village, Tamil Nadu

My family has been into dairy farming for a long time now. The main issue that we faced was with the health of our cows as they used to contract diseases very frequently and it affected the yield of milk. RPL program in dairy farming gave me an opportunity to learn about the different kinds of vaccinations available for the livestock. By practicing these vaccination routines, I am able to save time and money on visits to the veterinary hospital which is very far from my home. The program has certainly improved my skills in dairy farming.


Simanchal Naiko
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

I belong to Baruva village in Srikakulam and work as assistant bar bender in Visakhapatnam. I learnt barbending from workers at a construction site and started working as a contract labourer. For an unskilled worker like me, RPL program has given me a platform where my skills have been formalized and honed further, creating better opportunities in future. My quality of work has improved as I am able to cut and bend bars with more precision, thereby reducing wastage. I now have hope for a better future.


Radhakisan Sitaram Shinde
Ahmednagar, Maharastra

I got into dairy farming as agriculture is not that lucrative anymore and it is seasonal too. The RPL certification has helped me understand how to care and maintain my livestock. I learned how to feed them correctly, which has helped me conserve the forage around my lands as well. Business has improved due to better yield of milk.


Sukar Mohammed
Barsoighat, Bihar

LabourNet conducted RPL with bridge program at our construction site. The program has taught me many new techniques in my field that has helped me become a lot more comfortable with the equipment I work with. This has improved my efficiency and my employer is pleased with this improvement. I now follow all safety measures at work demonstrated during the program.


Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu

My family is into agriculture and dairy farming. Although I know the traditional methods, I was keen to learn modern scientific methods of dairy farming to take our business to the next level. The RPL certification program conducted in our village has helped my family to understand various means to increase the yield of milk by giving better nutrition and scientifically tested feeding and breeding techniques. Now, we are proud to be certified as next generation dairy farmers.


Ajit More
Undergaon, Maharashtra

Farmers have been doing dairy farming for many years, however they are not aware of the minute aspects of dairy farming which are very crucial. RPL training programme has helped us farmers in the village to identify and prevent various cattle-related diseases, especially in the monsoon season. Knowing how to prepare hydrophonic feed for the livestock has been beneficial too. I plan to increase my livestock from two to five in the next one year using my training.


Maddur, Karnataka

Being the eldest among three siblings in a five-member family, it was naturally my responsibility to take care of the family and ailing parents. So, I got into dairy farming. I had no formal knowledge of the trade and picked up whatever I could from other dairy farmers in my community which was only the basics. This 2-day training and certification program has helped me understand many new aspects like vaccination and maintaining health and hygiene of my cows. Visits to the veterinary doctor has reduced to a great extent while yield of milk has increased. Now I help others to get into this business with full knowledge. I am also planning to buy two new cows to increase my income and just waiting for some financial assistance.


Chinnakotampatti village, Coimbatore

Dairy farming is our family business and we usually make a monthly profit of around Rs. 7000. I was looking at means to get updated on new concepts in dairy farming that would help increase our revenues. RPL program conducted by LabourNet in our village helped us learn about the intricacies of dairy farming, such as the right kind of feeding and breeding techniques, which have actually helped in increasing our milk production. Getting formal recognition for our trade through certification is an added bonus.


Milan Jena
Puri, Odisha

I am a full-time dairy farmer who has the good fortune to own a piece of land where I grow grass to feed my cattle. In the RPL programme, I learnt that the proportion of food given to the cow depends on the weight it gains. I was also made aware of the importance of hydration, inclusion of fibre and pulses for improving the nutrition of cows. This has helped me feed the right portion and mix of fodder to my cows so that I can ensure good milk production and keep them healthy too. LabourNet’s trainers have helped me improve the health and hygiene of my livestock.


Papiya Mondal
Rudrapur, West Bengal

I picked up leather goods and garments stitching at the factory by observing other workers. This affected the quality of my work as formal training was never given. This RPL certification program has helped me improve my skills and I am happy to get certified too. I must say this is my first formal certificate as I couldn’t even complete my school education. I learned how to stitch various leather garments and goods with finesse. Leather tends to be tougher than cloth, so it requires more expertise to stitch perfectly. The program has helped me reduce rejections.


Yogendra Prasad
North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

I have been working as a courier delivery executive for quite some time now, but due to lack of proper certification, I was not able to prove my strengths in my field. Most of my job is based on preparing the items for delivery and making the deliveries within the given timeline. RPL program has not just certified me, but also helped me take care of safety of the consignments along with my own safety while making the rounds.


Soudamini Baghsingh
Bhuasuni, Bihar

My husband works out of town and so I have to look after the entire household including our cattle. I have never taken care of cows and buffaloes. I heard from one of our neighbours about the RPL training and certification conducted by LabourNet on dairy farming and opted for it. Now I am a certified dairy entrepreneur who knows better breeding and feeding techniques to take business to the next level. I have purchased a good breed of cow and follow the vaccination routines. I am excited about what future holds as I am already able to generate more income.


Muralidhar Swain
Naudi Sahi, Odisha

I was introduced to LabourNet’s RPL training program for masonry during my work at the construction site. This on-site training was very informative. I gained much knowledge on waterproofing and constructing precise masonry structure. I was also taught about the importance of on-site safety and its significance during construction work. This has improved my work to a great extent and my supervisor is happy too.


Mohammed Manjar

The RPL training and certification program has helped me improve my work as a shuttering carpenter. Precision is of utmost importance in my field as it affects the entire structure of the construction. Being a certified shuttering carpenter, I can now take accurate measurements while creating the temporary structures for creating concrete moulds.


Lavkush Hira Jadhav
Yavatmal, Maharashtra

I used to do odd jobs along with my friends in the construction sites as a mason. My work was not recognized as I did not have any work certificate. I got a chance to be a part of a 12-day training program introduced to us on-site. We learned about proper methods of masonry, plastering techniques on a RCC structure. Most importantly, we were also trained on the safety measure that needs to be followed while working. Since the certification, my confident has increased and I myself more in demand by contractors.


Abha Biswas
Rudrapur, West Bengal

My family consists of my in-laws, my two children and my husband. My husband does not contribute anything to the family. As a result I have to work and also look after my family. I was working part time in a leather goods and garment factory as a stitcher. That is when I participated in the RPL training conducted by LabourNet for goods and garments stitcher. In the 2-day training, I learned about using different tools for stitching leather goods and garments and also how to stitch with precision. Now my supervisor appreciates my work and gives me more work. This has increased my income too.


Md Ahashan Alam
Katihar, Bihar

I belong to a very small village in Katihar, Bihar. My family background is basically agricultural with a very low-income rate. I was looking out for work and started working in the construction site as a part time labourer. During that time, I underwent RPL training for shuttering carpenter at the site. I had very little knowledge about shuttering for RCC construction and wanted to learn more. My training has enhanced my professional knowledge and has given me formal recognition with the help of a certificate. I have learned to do temporary scaffolding with perfection and have gained much appreciation for good work.



After completing my ITI training, I was not clear about my future. My friend recommended Industry oriented training conducted by LabourNet, in association with DGET, and told me that it would help me get the right job. I enrolled for the SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) course, where I was given both theoretical and on-the-job training to enhance my professional skills. We had trainers with 10-20 years of experience in the Construction Sector who were able to guide us using practical and real life examples along with audio-visual videos and learning cards. The experience of training at the Gurgaon metro site was very enriching. I want to thank LabourNet and the entire team of faculty members for guiding me and helping me build a career as a SHE professional.



Being a housewife I always wanted to financially support my family. To achieve this, LabourNet and HUL Prabhat have played a pivotal role by training me and helping me set up my own business which was my dream. I am presently running my own beauty parlor at Pondicherry. I thank LabourNet, HUL and my trainer and mentor for their support and guidance


Durlab Mondal
Hyderabad, Telangana

I am a daily wage mason, currently working at a construction site in Hyderabad. Although I have been in this profession for three years I always faced difficulty in measuring and reading drawings as I could not complete my schooling. I underwent the masonry training at one of the construction sites under RPL with Bridge program. Post training, my work has improved and my supervisors appreciate my hard work. Due to this, my confidence has increased too. The RPL certificate has helped get formal recognition of my trade. I wish to enroll for other skill development programs to improve my skills further.


Bangalore, KA

Like many women hailing from rural areas, I am uneducated, as I dropped out of school in my early years. Marriage and two children only added to the financial burden on me and my family. Coming from a traditional household and because of family commitments, taking up a job that would keep me out of home was difficult for me. When I heard about a Tailoring course being offered in our area by JBF and LabourNet, I did not hesitate even for a minute and enrolled for the program. Today, through stitching work orders given by people in my locality, I am able to provide education to my children and also can take care of basic household needs. My husband and in-laws are proud of me. I am a confident woman today, thanks to the efforts of JBF and LabourNet. I cannot thank them enough.


Bangarpet, KA

My name is Manzoor. I am from a small town of Bangarpet in Karnataka. I was not very focused in academics since I used to constantly worry about how I could improve my family’s quality of life. During this struggle period, I came to know about the skill training program in carpentry conducted by LabourNet in our town. I did my Basic Carpentry training for a month. The training was hands on and it gave me an exposure to live carpentry projects. My life has changed for the better now. I have also learned people skills. My work and wages have improved. Today I am living a happier life, thanks to NSDC & Labournet.


Laikhoddin R. Ansari
Pune, MH

“My name is Lakhoddin and I reside in Pune. Due to my poor financial background, I could not complete my studies. I was searching for job opportunities for a very long time and was clueless about what work to pursue. Lack of proper skill sets was another major cause of my joblessness. With the help of a community program held in my village by the LabourNet team, I came to know about a training program conducted by LabourNet and CII, sponsored by TCL. I enrolled for the plumbing course. During my training, I was given practical knowledge in assembling pipe sections, tubing and fittings, detecting leakages and many other modern techniques in plumbing. On completing my training, LabourNet organized a placement drive for our batch and I was offered a job in a company named OK Sir. Now, apart from my work in this company, I am also associated with a local builder and earning well enough to support my family.”

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