Testimonials - LabourNet - Enable livelihood of Informal Sector



Balachandran Warrier,
CEO, Manipal Foundation

“Education without Specific Skill sets is like an Empty container. They should go hand in hand for individual and community well- being” This philosophy has enriched our partnership with LabourNet, each complimenting the strength of the other. Results are most gratifying, encouraging us to scale up our activities, touching the lives of thousands of marginalised youth and women, Pan India.


Vivek Prakash,
General Manager, CSR, Jubilant Life Sciences

JBF has partnered with “LabourNet” a social enterprise for a focused approach to impart specialised training around its manufacturing locations across country. This partnership is yielding positive results in employment generation for trained skilled rural youths and offering a sustainable model of skill development that shapes them into entrepreneurs. In the last two years of partnership with LabourNet, we have observed that the centres are becoming self-sufficient day by day and hope within 2 years or so, the centres will be able to run totally in a self- sustainable manner.


Sujith Kumar
General Manager, Engr.TATA Housing Ltd.

Finding workers who are skilled and completely equipped is very difficult in the Construction industry as there is tremendous shortage of skilled manpower. We faced similar challenges on our worksite, which is when LabourNet approached us with the concept of conducting On-Site training for our workforce.The concept was intriguing, so pilot batches for 1-month was introduced; courses like Shuttering Carpentry, Bar Bending, and Masonry were conducted on the site. After the theory sessions, the workers were given a detailed practical demo and were also observed, guided and corrected. We could see the impact of the training, as the number of accidents and work related errors made by the workers on the job reduced


Ravi Bhushan Singh
Head – Training, Rural Business & CSR Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Schneider Electric is global specialist in energy management. We have been committed to the communities in the regions and in the countries where we have our presence. Schneider electric started its focused activity to provide access to electricity to the most difficult areas in parts of India and worldwide. When it was identified that India has one of the largest young human capital whose energy need to be channelized in right direction, we decided to create a project which would link industries and academia, by conceiving short term training programs. We tied up with LabourNet as one of our training & knowledge partner , together we have achieved 3000 plus trainees through a network of over 40 training centers. In future we are looking at expanding and creating more training centers in partnership with Labournet. We work with LabourNet as strong knowledge partner, and funding wherever it is necessary. We invest in either creating new infrastructure or upgrading existing infrastructure, to be able to create right value and right fit of technical education. Working with LabourNet is always been a pleasure, because of the rich experience that they bring in working with local communities.


Dilip Kumar,
CII-ABG, Gummidipoondi

“I have always wanted to join ITI to formally learn the electrical trade”
I learned how to wire two and three bedrooms, along with single phase set up and how to work on a transformer. This led to me working on a project of my own, utilizing the skills i had learned from the course. I also began to take up more projects, allowing me to earn approximately Rs 10,000-12,000 a month. Not only did this build my own confidence, but i was able to support his family better.


Arbind Kumar,
RMZ, Bangalore

“My supervisor found my newly acquired skills very impressive on-site”
I found the learning card used during the training program particularly informative and used the practical training to improve my work on site. As a result of this, my supervisor found my newly acquired skills very impressive on-site. Today i earns approximately RS. 12,000 a month and I am able to support my family better.


Pradeep Kumar,
TCL, Delhi

“ After completing the two month long course, I found himself to be a changed person.”
I was a victim of adverse financial circumstances. Desperate and anxious, I was introduced to the centre where the course on retail sales was being conducted and enrolled myself in it when i found that it was free of cost. I found myself to be a changed man. Confident in my newly acquired skill set, i was able to secure a job as a retail sales associate, providing myself and my family with the much needed financial stability.


ABG-CII, Gummidipoondi

During the two month long course, I learned Arc and Mig welding along with the safety aspects of the job as a welder. I was rewarded with a NSDC certificate upon passing exam. Not only did the certificate open more job opportunities for me, it also helped me get better at my current job as it improved on my skill set. Thus, i was able to secure my job as a Welding Operator at the Suryodev Power Plant.


Rupali Patil,
Barclays, Mumbai

“The training program not only taught me more about my field but it also allowed me to move up the career ladder”
I could not have possibly predicted the events of my life after joining LabourNet while i heard about their Tally course for the first time through my friend. I had outstanding attendance through the course of the program and after successfully passing my exams with flying colours, i earned several interviews at renown companies such as HDFC Bank etc. I was extremely moved by the offer made by LabourNet and was over the moon when i heard about my acceptance with LabourNet.


Kalpana Kishore Sawant,
Loreal, Mumbai

“The practical and theoretical approach of the course gave me the adequate exposure in the field. The non-familiarity with the English language didn’t hinder my path as the trainers of LabourNet with utmost affection guided me and helped me reach the goal i thrived to achieve. The English words were translated into Marathi or hindi so that the students are familiar with the words. Due to LabourNet, I now earns decent income and can contribute to my daily household expenditure and spend for my family’s wellbeing. my determination and passion got me to a place where I am independent and self-sufficient.