Be your own boss and gain self respect, is what this boy believes in

Hailing from Doomdooma town, 24 year old Md.Sultan lives with his quite big family of mother, two elder brothers, one younger brother and an elder sister. Unfortunately his father expired when he was in 5th grade which resulted in acute financial distress in house. Though he pursued his studies till 8th grade, he couldn’t continue further as his family was struggling financially to meet the daily needs.  Thus he joined as accounts keeper in a vegetable shop earning a meager income of Rs. 2500 per month. But the harsh words and disrespectful behavior of shop owner towards him entailed Md.Sultan to do something of his own.

While one of his elder brother works as a driver and earns around Rs.5000 per month, his other brother works in a cosmetic shop as sales executive earning Rs. 4000. His younger brother is studying and his sister is married off.

Penchant towards electric and wiring work, Md.Sultan worked also as assistant in wiring and electric work for new houses and offices, in his free time. But he didn’t see much scope for his work, as the people around him didn’t allow him to do the actual core work of wiring. On discussing his concern to have a practical hands-on in electric work with one of his friend, he got to know about Labournet training course.

Though his elder brothers were reluctant of his joining the course as he has to forgo two months income due to training, his mother encouraged him to join the course. The very first day in the institute embarked a sense of pride in Md.Sultan as he felt the environment was very conducive to his learning. He always wanted to learn by doing each asks practically and it was his trainer Lohit Gogoi who assisted him to understand each tasks in detail and also have a practical experience which he never  got to do when he was doing wiring work earlier. These aspects inculcated confidence in him which motivated him to learn more and utilize each day of his training effectively. He also praises, the centre head Prachi Madam who always motivated and appreciated him. She was very supportive and even got him placed with HUL (Hindustan Unilever) after the training. He joined HUL but quit, as he wanted to do something of his own.

Md.Sultan currently does wiring and electric work for new house, buildings, office along with his few friends in his town and nearby villages. He makes around Rs.8000 per month.

Though Md.Sultan got jobs in other cities like Guwahati, Bangalore he does not want to move out leaving his mother who has been a great support to him. He wants to set up his own electric shop in his town and work close to his town only. He wants to come back again and again to Labournet to expand his knowledge base by learning the working of Air conditioners, water coolers and many more.

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