How will GST bring change in the informal sector?

On 1st July 2017 India transitioned into a new tax regime known as GST or Goods & Services Tax.  The discussions of GST and formation of a GST committee started during the time of Vajpayee government, but did not see the light of day until now. GST is said to…

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Financial Planning Awareness Initiatives by LabourNet

India has long remained a cash dependent economy. After the Prime Minister’s bold move last year to demonetize higher denomination currency, there has been a tremendous push from all sectors in the country to improve financial literacy among individuals, especially in the unorganized sector. Financial literacy mainly deals with educating…

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) at LabourNet

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) recognises the fact that learning comes through experience and/or previous formal/informal training. This could include the knowledge or skills one gains through school, college a hobby or even through any external life experiences. One of its key aims of LabourNet is to provide adequate levels…

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