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Continuous training and development of new age skills are one of the critical solutions for the shortage of personnel in the health and wellness sector.

Gayatri CEO

Warm greetings to one and all!

The beginning of the New Year heralds a lot of debate about which sector will generate quality employment. While a macro debate on this issue is beset with many problems, there is agreement amongst a vast majority that the health and wellness sector is one where the requirement for a skilled human resource is a definite given.

There is a prediction on the unique health challenges that are likely to emerge in India over the next few decades. Increase in urbanisation and a cosmopolitan lifestyle is already pushing the envelope of the Health care sector, commanding it to be more dynamic to be able to cater to the diverse demands of the growing unfamiliar and unusual diseases caused by both lifestyle changes and family structure changes.

This issue covers the spectrum of skill requirements that experts feel will be needed both within the country as well as outside.

An optimistic outlook would envisage success in mitigating these problems by continuing to provide the on-going, on-the-job, quality training and multi-skills’ development for all relevant professionals in the fast-growing health and wellness industry.

We hope this issue provides a panoramic view of the people requirements in the health care sector.

On this note, I am looking forward to a great and a healthy year ahead!

Dr Gayathri Vasudevan, CEO

LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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