Editorial 1st Edition - LabourNet - Enable livelihood of Informal Sector

Editorial 1st Edition

Dear Readers,

I am excited to bring to you the inaugural edition of the LabourNet newsletter, ………….. The idea behind bringing this to you is to you is to better communicate and thus enable higher exchange of ideas and debate on issues that are dear to us.

This edition, amongst other things, holds an interview with the Chief of RMZ Foundation which highlights ideas in skilling in the construction sector. RMZ has been a pioneer in experimenting with new ideas of training on-site and perhaps has one of the best training facilities for on-site training and certification of semi-skilled workers. We also bring to you important discussions and events in the space of livelihoods so that you may remain abreast with key happenings via this newsletter.

Most of you, dear clients and partners, are familiar with LabourNet and its work. LabourNet’s core mission is to enable livelihoods -which essentially means that we look at skilling people to make them job-ready and then ensure that they are able to earn a living- whether through a wage, self-generated or through group-based earning models. In order for us to continue to deliver on our proposition, we need participation from industry in communicating to us what ‘skills’ both technical and non-technical mean. What skills would they like to see in their workforce in their own workforce? What are the changes that we need to bring about in the way we undertake skilling? What livelihood opportunities could be created for our youth, women and other sections in our hinterland? What sort of impact should we be aspiring for through our programs?

Advocacy for curriculum changes must be led by industry and that is the only way by which we will be able to bring about a change in the eco-system of skilling. Likewise, a confluence of efforts from Government, Industry, NGOs and Social Enterprises such as ours is perhaps needed to make greater impact on communities. We may perhaps have to move away from single stakeholder led initiatives to initiatives with multiple stakeholders to drive quality, better accountability and sustainability.

We look forward to your feedback on this initiative and hope to see a lot of views and comments on matters that we must highlight and discuss.

Happy Reading!

With warm wishes for the festive season ahead on behalf of the entire LabourNet Family,


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