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As we close in on another fiscal, it’s time to ponder about the journey that was. For Labournet, 2016 was about driving quality, processes and systems all aimed at measuring the impact that we making on our beneficiaries.  Larger teams, use of technology at the grassroots, and sophisticated analytics apart, we tried to define for ourselves the oft-used word ‘impact’. Would we define impact by the number of candidates we trained, certified or placed? Could we associate our impact with the number of successful  A-graders in our fraternity? Could we really measure if we had brought about a significant socio-economic change in the lives of our students? How many entrepreneurs did we create? While we grapple with these questions and try to find meaningful answers, we continue to also bask in the small glories that we see, feel and experience.

For instance, when girls like Chaitra R. and Gayathri P. graduated from our ‘Smart Phone Repair Technician’ program or our ‘Assistant Electrician’ program sponsored by Hitachi as successful candidates, we felt a certain elation that may be hard to define. Both girls had overcome hardships and had risen from difficult circumstances to not just emerge successful in male-dominated careers but also become the pivots in their families, providing stability and hope to their siblings and parents. Chaitra’s job at an Apple Service Center after the program has helped pay back her Father’s large financial debt that he had incurred. Gayathri, who hailed from a single parent family, worked her way up by joining an ITI after her 10th.


The sponsored program by Labournet along with the counseling she received helped her pick up a specific skill and subsequently, a job with Tata Power. Both these girls stand out for their determination and courage to explore opportunities as what is traditionally seen as a man’s domain. For LabourNet, these achievements are the smaller intangible impact that keeps our efforts unflagging!

In this edition, Gayathri talks about what lies in store for Labournet in the next fiscal, Sharad Pradhan- Divisional Head- CSR, Honda  joins us in a tete-a-tete, and shares insights about what CSR means at Honda and Kenza Foning  gives as an Expert talk on the staffing landscape in India. Also featuring in this section is a detailed note on the Beauty and Wellness Sector and a chat with AnnuWadhwa, the CEO of the sector.

I am sure the newsletter will give your heart the much needed cooler as external temperatures soar! Look forward to receiving your feedback and do tell us what you would like to read about next.

Best Wishes,

Monisha Banerjee, Vice President, LabourNet

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