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Embracing the technology in organizing the unorganized workforce of the country.

Sanjiv JhaThe new year can be an exciting time, brimming with the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. Creating resolutions is easy enough. Sticking to them beyond January, however, is another story. Keeping the spirits high, LabourNet continues to strive and keep up to the resolution of enabling sustainable livelihoods for men, women and youth in urban and rural areas while bringing in innovations both in the organisation as well as for the industry.

The three-pronged engine that integrates social and business impact by bridging the gaps in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship (3Es) sees a new approach through three Practice Interventions- Skills and Education (SAE), Employment and Labour (EAL) and LabourNet Entrepreneur Activation Practice (LEAP). These will work towards bringing in symbiotic harmony between equitable societal and corporate benefits.  To ensure, this is achieved, a governance mechanism is being put in place to create trust and collaboration amongst stakeholders through a transition from the un-organised to an organised structure of Technologically Enabled Livelihood Platform. This aims to bring in an orderly structure through three practices of SAE, EAL and LEAP.

LabourNet Neo, a new web and mobile-enabled platform supporting SAE is a learning management system for training and enablement of our dispersed workforce. The vital functional outputs from this platform are training delivery, monitoring of training and project performance, assessment- both formative and summative, determining the usability of the course and eventually to evaluate training delivery mechanism for continuous improvements.  This would further be used for internal communication and Learning and Development purposes thereby strengthening the organisational performance.

Jobs.labournet.in is a platform supporting the practice of EAL. Essentially, it is Demand Management System by creating a market place for workforce and employers.  This would involve candidate and employer on-boarding to bridge the gap between the requirements in the job market. This would be further extended to include Human Resource Management and Staffing services including the pay-rolling process. Gigs Platform is another technologically enabled platform aimed at bringing together different certified tradespeople into one marketplace and connecting them with companies and the influencers thereby creating a virtual market place for their skills and services.

The conglomeration of the platforms being developed for the 3Es will advance to integrate all under one broad umbrella of Technologically Enabled Livelihood Platform. This will help leverage the inter-linkages within the skill ecosystem and facilitate sustainable livelihood.

Healthcare is another significant segment in which LabourNet has set its footing through various skill development initiatives. The Healthcare Industry, by its very nature, is dependent on qualified healthcare personnel, and the health workforce is central to advancing the healthcare facilities of any nation. The very pertinent problem in India is an overall shortage of human resource in the sector; this sector ideally requires equitable distribution of service providers across the country. This edition of the newsletter, therefore, focuses on LabourNet’s footsteps in bridging the existing skill gap through employment

and self-employment generating activities to create meaningful impact both for the individual as well as the society at large.

Wishing you all a healthy reading with hope to provide an eye on how skill development through various means can help the sector grow and reach new heights!

Warm Regards

Sanjiva Jha,

President – Operations

LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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