Follow your passion to realize your dreams, is what this girls believes in

Twinkle, aged 22 years was always passionate about beauty and make-up. Coming from a middle class family, she stays with her father, mother and elder sister.  Her father has his own business and earns around Rs.15,000 per month, while her sister is a freelancer beautician earning around Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 per month.

Qualified in Bachelor of Arts but passionate about beauty and wellness, Twinkle aspired to have her own beauty salon. And to realize this, she wanted to get trained –  to gain a fair knowledge in beauty care. But coming from a low middle class family, Twinkle could not join the private training institute due to the high fees charged by them. On reference from one of her friend, Twinkle got to know about Labournet Beautician course. She immediately enrolled for the course with Labournet.

Twinkle applauds her trainer Neha mam, whom she details to be very good with perfect knowledge in beauty care and wellness. She not only attained knowledge on beauty care during the training but also on communication skills, customer handling skills and the business tricks. Due to these kind of support and encouragement from mam, she was able to attain the required and overall knowledge to be a beautician. Also centre head Ayushi mam who was very supportive referred Twinkle for a 3 months internship in a known beauty parlour of the city after her 3 months training in Labournet. Hence to gain hands-on experience with the tasks, to understand the working environment, she immediately joined for inter ship drawing a salary of Rs.3000 per month. Both the training and the internship experience boosted Twinkle confidence towards setting up her own beauty parlour.

Twinkle was very fortunate to get the finance assistance from her very supportive. Also Twinkle collaborated with her freelancer beautician sister and finally started her own Beauty Parlour in the year 2019. She defines that having her own parlour is one of the happiest day of her life and she credits her success to all the confidence she gained from training in Labournet and the utmost support from her parents. Currently, she makes around Rs. 10000 per month and has also employed an assistant paying a salary of Rs. 2000.

Twinkle wants to expand her knowledge base in beauty and wellness care over the period of time to offer best of the beauty service to her clients and also add on more beauty centers’ down the line.

“Determination, hard work and zeal to achieve your dream can take you to heights of success in life” and this can be possible with Labournet.

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