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How do we ensure that construction and infrastructure development meets the projected target? How do we address existing gaps?

Gayatri CEO

My warmest greetings to you all!

With the dawn of a new financial year, strategic planning is in full swing. There are roadmaps being laid and processes being streamlined further to ensure maximum impact of our programs.

While planning plays a significant part in the success of any project, it is equally important to take into account the capabilities of the team that executes it. In fact, going by the current trends in the industry, this has become the most challenging issue that can derail India’s roadmap to progress. It is a well-documented fact that India’s construction and infrastructure need a major facelift to meet the growing demands of its towns and cities. While we are putting policies and processes in place for a major overhaul, what requires our concentrated effort is closing the supply-demand gap in terms of skilled labour.

Although Public-Private Partnership is a definitive step towards a collaborative effort of the industry and the government to get good traction in the construction sector, the need of the hour is speeding up the skilling process in a meaningful and systematic way, keeping long-term goals in mind. The present upskilling and reskilling undertaken by the government in partnership with implementation agencies must be a continuous effort that would require uninterrupted funding. Similarly, for the workforce to get a hands-on, on-the-job experience to stay abreast of new techniques and use advanced technology, it is important to connect them to suitable apprenticeship programs under top industry players.

In order to chalk out a progressive path for individuals entering the industry, it is important to take care of the aspirations of these individuals. As we bring out higher skilling through apprenticeship programs, we must also look at safe and legal international placements for construction workers to enable better livelihood for them as well as give them exposure to international standards. Once these workers get exposed to high quality work standards and technological upgradation, they can bring this expertise to the country and set benchmarks for their peers. By streamlining skilling, apprenticeship and placement, we can revolutionise the sector over a period of time in a holistic way.

On this note, looking forward to a great year ahead!

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