From CEO's Desk - LabourNet - Enable livelihood of Informal Sector

Message from the CEO

Warm greetings and a Happy New Year!

In the final quarter of this financial year, we, at LabourNet, continue to drive transformation that will enable livelihoods in a meaningful way to increase the real income and productivity of the informal sector. Our strategy & focus are clear – we need to continue building the platform to enable 10 million livelihoods, contributing 1.35% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), by 2022.

Revisiting our mission in the 3E ecosystem, I would like to remind ourselves of our key products lines which enable us to reach our goal.

Education & Skills: We currently offer skill based certificate programs through our centres as well as onsite and schools. We will further scale this up to diploma (1 year), associate degree (2 year) and degree (B.Voc) kind of programs in the coming months covering NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework) levels up to 7/8. We aim to have 3 million (30 Lakhs) youth doing courses by 2022 in our system in over 300 trades.

Employment: We need to ensure people are gainfully employed with income commensurate with their skills & education levels. To this end, people are placed on full-time wage employment, part-time employment to manage work-life balance (especially women) or on project-based contract rolls. While dedicated teams take direct accountability of this, it is the responsibility of all teams within LabourNet to ensure that 3 million youth are gainfully employed. We also aim to reduce attrition through apprenticeship by leveraging NAPS (National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme) to grow talent over a period of time that is aligned to the company’s requirement.

Entrepreneurship: This is the need of the hour. We are confident that our different models will help set up & incubate 2 million (20 Lakhs) nascent enterprises in 200+ occupations. We know from our experience, working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, that each will at least employ two people. This means that through 20 lakh enterprises LabourNet will enable livelihoods of 4 million (40 lakhs) people. We will strive to ensure sustainable livelihood over a period of three years through continuous learning.

As we commence the New Year, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to our candidates, partners and clients. Without you we would not have been able to come this far. Yes, at LabourNet, we have the honest heart and mind to aim high and execute well and possess the capability of achieving this.

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