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New Initiative 1st Edition Sports write up

Physical education and sports

Physical education and sports have mostly taken a back seat when it comes to setting priorities for holistic development of children and youth in India.

In fact, sports and physical training are perceived as contrary to education instead of complementing it. International events like Olympics generate momentary engagement with this field and our pledge to promote and support sports usually ends after the euphoria of big events. And, people who are passionate and enthusiastic about sports rarely get an opportunity to pursue it due to financial and infrastructural constraints.

The bright side of the story is that many corporates are coming forward with innovative ideas to support sports as a part of their CSR initiatives. Particularly, after sports finds a place in the CSR options under Schedule VII list of eligible activities, corporates are taking up projects like funding and sponsoring schools and events. They are exploring ways to partner local organizations and implementation agencies to plan and execute the projects for generating sustained impact.

Key facts about sports in India

  • 94 percent of the Indian youth is not involved in any kind of physical activity
  • Sport contribution in India’s total employment is 0.5% as compared to 4% in developed countries
  • More than 90% of people passionate about a career in sports don’t have opportunities to get skilled and trained

When seen from a holistic perspective, the field of sports has much more to offer than physical, emotional, social and mental health benefits.  If promoted well, this domain can generate employment for millions and support livelihoods in rural and semi-urban areas.  As an industry sector, sports has already garnered great interest among allied sub-sectors like sports equipment and gear, training companies, event organizers, nutrition products and so on. Now, we need to integrate coaching, training and skill development with all the other stakeholders.

The question is how do we ensure institutional capacity building and provide necessary encouragement to support physical education to improve the performance of sports sector. How do we propose new initiatives that can have grassroots level impact and monitor them till we get desired outcomes? Corporates who are serious about creating community level impact through a social agenda can provide instant boost to kick off many outcome-based projects and drive them through implementation partners. Corporates can actively support through

  • Sports promotion and infrastructure development in government and private schools
  • Skill development and vocational training in sports and physical education
  • Financial support to sportspersons and children who pursue sports
  • Resource hubs and centers of excellence for creating a sports culture among families and local communities
  • Events and competitions to nurture skills and prepare for international events

LabourNet is keen on contributing to sports and physical education through vocational training and skill development, customized learning solutions for schools, training of trainers, and setting up resource centers.  We firmly believe that there is a huge untapped potential in this domain that needs a focused and immediate intervention involving many agencies – the government, academic institutions and the industry, represented by sports sector skill council.

And of course, most importantly, we are working on strategies to involve the children, youth and their parents, especially from rural areas and underprivileged urban sections. We welcome your queries on collaboration and partnership for making sports an integral part of school curriculum and an indispensable element of Indian lifestyles.

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