Rupal Overcomes Disability to Become a Beauty Professional

Rupal Jani

“Rupal, a young deaf and mute woman, stays with her parents in a small accommodation on Sama Savli Road, Vadodara. Her education stopped at an early age when her parents were unable to send her to a special school due to financial constraints. Since then she had kept herself busy by doing household chores, accepting it as her destiny.

“It’s neither her fault nor mine, but people made fun of us and taunted us as if it was a sin to give birth to a child with disabilities,” says Rupal’s father.

However, destiny smiled upon Rupal and gave her a chance to become a career woman.

Her journey on the professional path began when a counsellor named Rashmiben from Mook Dhwani Trust came to their house to discuss with her parents on an opportunity for Rupal to become a beautician. Rashmiben explained that a special beauty training was in progress for disabled young women and it was conducted by FAG Bearings and LabourNet, through a unique program named Nitara. After initial resistance, her conservative parents agreed, thinking that it would help their daughter remain busy with some work. But, Rupal took it as an opportunity to build her own identity and interacted with the counsellor with excitement. Her fingers moved fast while she was interacting in sign language. The counsellor acknowledged Rupal’s excitement and eagerness by not only facilitating her to enrol but also by constantly motivating her throughout the course.

All the training about beauty and hair care was through sign language. There were charts all around the training centre to guide the students. Being at training centre helped her gain some friends. She no longer felt lonely. Moreover, some sort of competition compelled her to perform better. She was not only trained about conventional beauty treatments but also beauty care through Indian Ayurvedic products at the Nitara’s training centre.

Soon after completing the training, LabourNet’s placement cell organised her on-the-job-training (OJT) with Shree Roop hair and beauty salon in Vadodara. Besides her skills that she has learnt during the training, her innate skills of lip reading helps her to decipher what people are saying. Noticing her good work and dedication, the parlour owner has shown interest in hiring Rupal ful-time at the parlour at the end of OJT. Rupal is ecstatic!

She is thankful to LabourNet and Nitara- a FAG Bearings initiative, in helping her bring a positive change in her life. She is now settled in her profession and works with confidence. Her parents too are happy to see her in a cheerful mood while she leaves for the job every day. Today, a whole new world is waiting to embrace Rupal.”

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