Sheer determination, hard work and willingness to learn sets apart Miss. Annu Kumari from other girls in her hometown

Bachelor of Arts graduate Miss.Annu kumari valued education as the key to success in one’s life. Hailing from Doomdooma town, Annu Kumari completed her BA degree in 2018 and always yearned to work in large companies and be an independent working girl. Coming from low middle class family, she lives with her father, mother, elder brother and one younger brother. While her father works as manager in a Tea factory earning Rs. 10,000 per month, her elder brother is employed in a factory and earns Rs.8000 per month. Her younger brother is pursuing engineer degree.

Annu kumari learnt about Labournet from one of her friend and approached the Prabhat Labournet Institute in Doomdooma. Wanting to learn some unique skills which can match with her education and goal in life, Labournet advised her of WPS –Work Place Skill course. She believed the course coincided with her aim of developing her personality, vital to work in corporate companies. Though her father was not supportive of her joining the training, it was her mother who is her big support, managed to convince her father for the training in Labournet which she eventually joined during the last semester of her degree in 2017.

Being the first student of the first batch of WPC, Annu Kumari enriched her personality with lot of new skills like presentation skills, inter personnel skills, problem solving and self-management skills which she always yearned to have. She owes all credit to her trainer Kaveri Mam in Labournet, who was very supportive and motivated her to overcome her reservations and shyness to build self- confidence. She is still in contact with her trainer and consults her for suggestions now and then.

Full of confidence and determination, Annu got placed in a construction company as office assistant with salary of Rs. 15000 per month, immediately after she completed her degree in 2018. She believes that it was her employability skills which she encompassed in Laboutnet that gave her an added advantage over other interview candidates.  But due to long distance from her home to office place, Annu kumari resigned her first job and joined Indianeers Media Pvt Ltd recently, as it is close to her house.  Drawing a salary of Rs.15000 per month, she has joined as computer and skill development trainer, training students on computer basic knowledge, interpersonal skills, soft skills and even presentation skills. She is very contended with her work and owes all credit of her success till now to her Labournet Mam Kaveri whom she believes to be a guardian angel and to her mother too.

Meanwhile Annu Kumari aspires to work for a large corporate company or in a government office one day. Working with Indianeers, she is also preparing for TET (Teachers Entrance Test) to land a teaching job as she believes this job profile will give her better scope to imply her education and training from Labournet.

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