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Skill development and entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Wellness sectors.

jalajakshiHealthcare and Wellness is a growing industry that needs many interventions in skilling the workforce as per the emerging job roles.  With increasing awareness about preventive and palliative care, the demand for skilled and qualified professionals has increased dramatically over the years. This also opened up many avenues for entrepreneurship and consultancy roles.

LabourNet has already initiated training in the Refractionist segment. We are exploring ways to meet the industry demand for roles such as Barefoot Refractionist, Palliative Care Professionals and Bed Side General Duty Assistants with specialisation in Palliative Care and Child Care.  We hope to scale up in this segment.  We also foresee a demand for Nutritionist and Diabetic Care roles, and it will have a lot of relevance in the years to come. Healthcare and Wellness are emerging as two complementary sectors with Yoga, Gym Instructor, Fitness roles in the Wellness sector.

TITP+LabourNetIn the Healthcare sector, we are focused on Barefoot Eye Doctor, as the Eye Mitra, to offer eye care in remotest parts of the country. And in the cities, with the increase in nuclear families, there will be a greater need for independent consultants for Ayurvedic Massage. Hence, in the Healthcare segment, there is more scope for such consultants. And, with an increase in longevity, eye care becomes essential so that people will need preventive care for Myopia, Cataract through continuous eye-checkup. Similarly, common lifestyle diseases like Obesity, High BP, Diabetes have created new job roles for Phlebotomists.

In the context of skilling, it is necessary to offer industry –relevant courses by working closely with the respective Sector Skill Councils and the industry.

The Health and Wellness sector requires entry-level skilling and continuous skilling with re-skilling and up-skilling courses. Moreover, since this sector is heavily dependent on technology and new knowledge, there will be a need to train people in handling technology and interacting with people since it is all about personal care services. From the entrepreneurship perspective, the opportunity will grow with burgeoning demand for job roles that have massive scope for livelihood enablement.

Since this sector is individual-centric, the focus should be on what people need, their choices and preferences. We need to respect their belief systems while we understand public perception and create awareness. At the broader level, one needs to connect the industries like Pharmaceuticals and Beauty and Wellness firms and learn about the products, innovations and practices that impact skill development to create entrepreneurial opportunities.

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