Skilling gives a lift to a widow woman’s household

Hailing from Doomdooma town, Nirmala Parik got married at a young age and moved to Jodhpur.  Over the years, she lived a sustained life in Jodhpur with her husband, her in-laws and 3 children. But life took an unexpected twist when she lost her husband in the year 2016. Her husband was working as a Manager with an income of Rs.40,000 per month.

Eventually she moved for few months to her mother’s house in Doomdomma along with her 3 children aged 15, 10 and 5. sitting lonely and always in grieve, she worried about her and her children’s future as she could not get any decent job in any company with her only 10th qualified grade.  It was then her mother, who advised her to get involved in something and asked her to join the beautician course in Prabhat Labournet centre. Joined in the year 2017, Nirmala learnt the basic knowledge on beauty care and performing varieties of facial, make-up and hair styling. Being a quick learner, she encompassed the tricks and techniques of being a good beautician in a short period of time.

She describes her trainer Neelam ma’am as very knowledgeable person and supportive as she made the learnings very easy. The training and the encouragement from the institute boosted Nirmala’s confidence to start afresh her life. She credits her success till now, to Neelam mam and mainly her mother, who is her backbone.

Ready to take the full responsibility of the household, she moved back to Jodhpur along with her children, to be with her in-laws. Herewith full support and encouragement of her in-laws, she joined a Day Salon as a trainee starting with a salary of Rs.7000 per month. Her determination and hard work paved way for better growth in the salon, both in terms of monetary and designation. From a trainee she became permanent employee and now draws a salary of Rs.20,000 per month.

She believes that an institute and the trainer can give you the required knowledge and make you ready for the job world, but its ones efforts and willpower to achieve something which can take them to heights of success. Each day she says, is a learning day and she is getting trained in advanced beauty care in the salon. She wants to keep abreast of the latest trends of beauty care so that she can give out best service to her customers. Also, she aspires to set up her own beauty salon after five to six years down the line, with all the knowledge and experiences she would have gained.

This 34 year old woman says that life sometimes takes an unforeseen turn, but that should not stop you from looking ahead. With new hopes, hard work and perseverance to strive, one can always move ahead in life.

Nirmala Parik story will be an ideal example for any woman to overcome their distress and stay positive in life.

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