Temp & Permanent Staffing

We partner with corporates for planning and managing staffing requirements for temporary and permanent recruitment. Our Smart Staffing Solutions bridge the gap between the workforce from the unorganized and organized sectors through equal access to services and benefits. Our Corporate Assessment Center works with hire-train-deploy models aligned with the client specific needs for onboarding industry-ready trained staff for various job roles.

Industry-ready trained staff for various job roles

  • Facilitate one-time placement, recruitment outsourcing with quickest turn-around times.
  • We manage all regulatory compliances.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Process -driven recruitment that ensures best and most suitable candidates get placed in the right role
  • Adherence to stringent quality measures and compliance with industry standards
  • Access to a pool of skilled candidates who can meet the client’s expectations in productivity and efficiency
  • Implement customized work-integrated training through Apprenticeship(NAPs), and other on-the-job schemes such as NEEM and Flex-MoU
  • Outplacement of staff can be facilitated by us in a smooth manner by providing alternative livelihood options to the individuals.

This ensures quick turnaround with high levels of efficiency, greater productivity and reduced effort, and cost for the corporate.

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