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I am a farmer’s son and live with my parents and two younger siblings. Farming as a profession is unpredictable with some years bringing a lot of profits, while others bring losses and sufferings. Our family had been in the latter group as we had not had a great year since ages. As a result, we were struggling financially.

I wanted to study further, but due to the financial condition of my family and the high course fees, I had to drop my plans.

Later on, I worked in the tourism sector for two years, during which time, I came to know and subsequently enrolled for the Hospitality course offered by HPKVN in association with LabourNet. With this course, I learnt a lot about the hospitality sector and also improved my communication skills.

I aspire to learn as much as I can about this field and want to establish my own tourism business in the future.

I would like to thank HPKVN and LabourNet for providing such amazing opportunities to people like me who cannot afford the rising education costs.


Hospitality & Tourism, Mandi

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