Lata, Retail Management, Mandi

I belong to Mandi and live with my parents and a younger brother. My father is a shopkeeper while my mother is a housewife.

When in school, I had studied about the retail sector and since then I had developed an interest in this field. I knew that I could succeed immeasurably if I joined the Retail sector. But since I had no professional qualifications, it was not going to be easy.

Lata1During a chance meeting with one of my school teachers, I came to know that HP University in Himachal Pradesh offered courses in Retail management in association with LabourNet. I knew right then that I had to study this course. So, I enrolled for the same.

An important part of my training was role play. Through this technique, I was able to get rid of my hesitation and became confident in my English speaking and communication skills.

Upon completing this course, I aspire to find a job in the retail sector and I would be willing to relocate with my family if the job requires so. I would like to thank HPKVN and LabourNet for this wonderful initiative.


Retail Management, Mandi

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