Piyali Roy Chowdhury Alumnus, Prabhat-Kolkata

“I was always the ambitious one in my family, but in a household comprising of unemployed parents and a brother earning a meagre income working at a medical store, it was impossible to continue my studies after PUC. I took care of the house as, being unskilled, I had no job prospects. At 22, I was frustrated and looking for a source of income. I wanted to get into beauty stream as I found other girls in my neighbourhood making a tidy sum by providing beauty services in local salons or at people’s homes. When I learnt about Prabhat skill development centre after seeing a pamphlet, I made some enquiries and found the course to be very useful and the fee was nominal too. The training has opened new doors for me. With an exposure to a top class practical training, I managed to learn more. Now I am employed at Lakme Beauty Salon in Bhubaneshwar. Although I am far from my family, I am very excited about the new stuff I pick up every day working for a brand like Lakme.”

Piyali Roy Chowdhury

Alumnus, Prabhat-Kolkata

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