Ramesh RMZ, Bangalore

“I am Ramesh and I work as a Mason in Bangalore. I am 25 years old and come from a large family in Bihar. As the oldest son, I had to leave school to support my family of four sisters and one brother after my father’s untimely death. I started working as a daily wage worker in a construction site doing odd jobs. In the absence of the daily mason worker, I used to take his place and do the job. I am a self-taught person and did not have sufficient knowledge about masonry. When RPL training program was conducted by LabourNet onsite for mason general, I got a chance to upgrade my knowledge in this line of work. The training was very helpful for me to understand the tools, how to mix mortar, brick laying procedure and how to set door and windows. Now I am a certified mason and have received due recognition for my work.”


RMZ, Bangalore

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