Subhash, Construction, Uttar Pradesh

Myself Subhash, aged 43 years. I live in Faridabad-Mathura, with my parents, wife and two sons and a daughter. I am a painter by profession and have been working for 20 years in this job. I earn around Rs.18000 per month and Rs. 20000 during festive season.

One of my dealers informed me about RPL program conducted by LabourNet which I attended with my friend. The program was quite useful as we got to know the organised way of applying wall putty and primer and doing the painting on wall and wood. The program directed us on the importance of use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the construction site like use of masks for eye and mouth, safety helmet and footwear, safety harness and gloves to protect ourselves from the chemicals present in the paint.

               I now adhere to these techniques and safety measures while working and also advise my work mates to follow the same in their work routine to become more productive and safeguard themselves.


Painter, Uttar Pradesh

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