Subhash, Construction, Uttarkhand

I Subhash, aged 42 years, live in Haridwar in Uttarkhand. I am the only earning member in my family comprising of my parents, wife and two sons and two daughters.

I have been doing painting job from past 20 years and earn around Rs. 18000 per month.

On learning about the RPL program of LabourNet, I attended it along with my work mates. The program guided us on the best and finest way of painting, applying wall putty and primer. The best part of the program was the PPE learning (Personal Protective Equipment) which I hardly knew about, even after doing this job for years and I sense it to be very essential now to protect my health and body while performing the job. We were also educated on use of fire extinguisher in case of fire emergency.

               The programmers were very compassionate throughout the program and guided us generously on any concerns raised. I truly recommend the program to my juniors and friends.


Painter, Uttarkhand

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