Subrata Maity, Construction, West Bengal

I, Subrata Maity, aged 21 years belong to Baradapur Village in West Bengal. I work as ‘Plumber helper’ and earn Rs. 12000 per month.

Coming from low middle class family, I started to work at an early age to help my father financially to manage the family. I joined as ‘Plumber Helper’, working as assistant to ‘Leading Plumbers’ on the job in way of handing in tools, cutting and assembling new pipes, cleaning pipes and the working areas and other assisting jobs.

Along with other plumbers, I took part in the ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) program organised by LabourNet. The program toured us around the basic skills of doing the plumbing job along with the modern techniques. We were guided also on the adequate safety measures to be followed in the workplace to protect from any health hazards.

               The program awarded us with the certificate to honour for our efforts. With the certificate and the knowledge received from the program, I want to work on it to establish gradually myself as a ‘Main Plumber’ and build a different identity to myself.

Subrata Maity,

Plumber, West Bengal

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