Suman B. Mysore, Karnataka

“Only a few months ago I was a 20-year old unemployed woman waiting for a career opening before I came to know about LabourNet’s Livelihood centre at Mysore. My father is a carpenter, and used to be the only earning member of a family of four. It was impossible for me to aspire for higher education. When I learnt from my friend that the centre was offering work place skills course for freshers looking out to start their career, I discussed with my family and decided to join the course.  At first, the training was not easy to follow since it was for the first time that I was exposed to virtual classroom training. However, as I began to attend the course regularly, I overcame this problem. One of the main reasons for this was the trainer. He was very approachable and explained the course content in a way that we were able to understand. I was also taught to improve my communication skills and by the end of the course, I was offered a job at HGS as process executive. Now I earn Rs. 14,000 a month. However, this is just the beginning for me. The course has given me confidence to aspire towards better career opportunities. I would have never been able to do so had I not attended the course. I am able to contribute to the family income too while building my career.”


Suman B.

Mysore, Karnataka


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