Sunil Kumar, Construction, Rajasthan

My name is Sunil Kumar. I am 23 years old and stay with my parents in Laxmangargh, Sikar, Rajasthan. I am pursuing 3rd year degree course in Bachelor of Arts along with working as a painter.

I have been working as a painter for past 2 years to manage my college fees. I earn around Rs. 7000 per month. While working in the construction site, I got to know about the RPL program conducted by LabourNet and I took active part in it. The program detailed us with modern techniques of performing painting, the use of safety materials in construction site and also on handling the fire extinguisher.

               I now share my learning’s with my co-workers and also propose them to attend the program. I would also like LabourNet to conduct this program on a regular basis for experienced workers as a refresher program and also for new workers to update them with effective way of performing the job.

Sunil Kumar,

Painter, Rajasthan

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