Varalaxmi East Godaveri, Andhra Pradesh

“I live in East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh with my 4-member family, and till some time back, my father was a daily wager and the sole earning member in the family. My mother is a housewife. We have always lived in difficult circumstances and I had to drop-out of education after class 10th because of our poor financial condition. In addition to our financial difficulties, my father used to regularly drink and quarrel with my mother. His daily wages were not enough for family, yet that too he used to spend on alcohol. The conditions were getting difficult for me and my family. It was then that during a Community Mobilization Drive by LabourNet in my area, I came to know about LabourNet programs and courses offered. I visited the centre and joined the 2-months long course in Beauty and Wellness. After completion of the course, I felt confident enough to be able to start my own business with skills learned. I started my own parlour and named it ‘Meghana Beauty Parlour’. My business helps me in supporting my family and I earn about Rs. 8500/- per month from it. Apart from enabling me in being financially independent and capable of supporting my family, the biggest achievement is that my father has stopped consuming alcohol now-a-days to support me. I and my entire family is grateful to LabourNet for changing our lives.”


East Godaveri, Andhra Pradesh

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