Vikas, Construction, Rajasthan

“Effective wall painting job can prove a sustained earning”

23 year old, Vikas comes from a low middle class family and works in construction site as a painter.  Having just completed his graduation, he is looking out for a job with stable income while working as a painter.

He stays with his parents in Sikar, Rajasthan and his father is a farmer. Vikas started working as a painter along with his friends, when he was not able to find proper job after his graduation.  He earns around Rs.8000 per month and during festival seasons it increases to Rs.12000.

 While working in a construction site as a painter, Vikas got to know about the Labournet training. He attended the training and truly appreciates the trainer who well-versed them to perform the tasks in a fine way, more productively and with safety.  They understood the safety measures like use of head gear, eye masks and hand gloves to keep oneself safe in the construction site along with handling fire extinguisher.  Also they learnt to perform the tasks finely such that any waste of materials is minimal. Vikas now trains other boys on this job and also recommends them to attend Labournet trainings.

Vikas Sikar,

Painter, Rajasthan

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