Vinod kumar Maurya, Construction, Uttar Pradesh

I, Vinod kumar Maurya belong to Ramganj Pratapgarh town in Uttar Pradesh. Aged 25 years, I work as ‘Plumber’ and earn an income of Rs. 20000 to Rs.22000 per month.

I believe until recently ‘Plumber’ as a profession was categorized under unorganized sector and thus undervalued.  But due to the recent job reforms and schemes of the current government, there is a significant change in the way we are considered in recent past.

‘Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)’ program is one such noble scheme which is marching towards bringing noteworthy changes to the unorganized jobs. The program not only educates the workers on the modern and useful tricks and techniques of the job but also on the safety protocols to be followed in the workplace.

I attended the program with full enthusiasm and was happy to be part of it as I learnt many relevant tips and techniques of the job and also received the certificate which reflects my professional accomplishments.

Vinod kumar Maurya,

Plumber, Uttar Pradesh

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