Yogendra Kumar Singh, Construction, Haryana

My name is Yogendra Kumar Singh, aged 47 years. I reside in Gurgaon, Haryana and work as ‘Material Handling Operator’ in rubber sector. I earn an income of Rs. 30000 per month.

I am working in this field for 18 years and my job encircles with handling efficiently the organization of materials and being well versed with the properties of a wide range of material which are handled and stored in the company.

‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) program organised by our company in association with LabourNet educated us on the safety measures to be followed in the workplace while using the different tools and equipments along with the knowledge of 5s to have a organised workspace for better productivity. It also showcased effective and safe handling of various types of material handling equipments like trolleys, drums, conveyor belts, fork lift trucks etc.

               The program was not only educational but also an initiative from LabourNet to recognize and value our efforts through an ‘appreciation certificate’. I am now become ‘certified operator’ and train my juniors with all the inputs received.

Yogendra Kumar Singh,

Material Handling Operator, Haryana

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