Up skilling with Labournet gave wings to this woman to start her own beauty and wellness centre

29 year old Pallabi Dutta, a very cheerful and warm hearted woman, always had a zeal for beauty and wellness. Hailing from Doomdooma town, she wanted to work immediately after her 12th grade as she didn’t have much keenness towards studies. She is married and lives with her husband, a small jewelry shop owner who earns around Rs.20000 per month and her daughter of 10 years.

Pallabi Dutta always wanted to have her own income and be financially independent. With little knowledge on beauty care, she started her business from home earning a decent amount of around Rs.8,000 per month. She got to know about Labournet while discussing to upskill her knowledge in beauty with one of her neighbour friend who also has completed her training with Labournet. Eventually she joined the Prabhat Labournet training centre in 2017.

She believes joining Labournet was the best thing that happened in her life, as she learnt many new techniques of performing the tasks effectively, learning varieties in facial, make-up and hair styling. Very impressed and influenced from her trainer Neelam, she accolades her success to Neelam mam. She describes her trainer as very dynamic, patient and knowledgeable person, who encouraged her a lot during her training course. With her support and guidance, Pallabi not only enriched her knowledge base in beauty, but also learnt the art of the trade tricks in terms of better communication and customer handling skills. These aspects built a new level of confidence in her.

Immediately after her training, Pallabi started working in a well-known beauty center in Doomdomma town drawing Rs.8000 per month. Aspiring to have her own Beauty and wellness centre, Pallabi started her own centre in Jan 2019 with little of her savings and loan from a local Ladies Chit Fund. She has also employed two girls recently in her centre, who have also got trained with Labournet, paying them a salary of R.2000 per month. After considering the salary, centre expense and the monthly chit amount of Rs. 2000 per month, Pallabi makes a net of Rs.12,000 to Rs.15,000. During festival and marriage season her income goes upto Rs.20,000, which matches almost with her husband’s income and she feels very proud and happy about it.

Having her own centre now, she wants to grow her business in other cities too, as she believes there is good demand for beauty care, by employing more girls. Also she wants to conduct a workshop down the line with help of Labournet, to help girls who are interested to be beautician by sharing her knowledge and also encouraging them to earn for a better living.

She has referred many girls in her town regarding Labournet and shared how her life has changed drastically because of Labournet. She says she is very, very, very, very happy and indebted always to Labournet, which she believes can be a life changer in one’s life.

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