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Find work that matches your skill, consistently.
If your skills don’t match your aspirations, we’ll help you bridge the gap.

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LabourNet cares about you, not just the work you do. Regular salary payments, health insurance, welfare schemes for your family, access to continuous upskilling opportunities; the LabourNet platform has been built to ensure your growth and welfare.

How It Works

Get Onboard

Fill out some simple forms,
share what certificates
you may have.

Get Assessed

Go through a simple assessment
process that checks your skill and
understands your personality.

Get Ready

Start learning and getting certified
while you access job opportunities.
This is your career, not just a job.

Get to Work

Start apprenticing, get a
job, or pick up gigs. We take
care of the paperwork.

Get Paid

Digital job sheets, automated attendance, performance tracking, and digital payment transfers – painless and accurate.

Don't just find a job, build a career

Learn Lifelong

The industry demands – and rewards – those with the right skills. LabourNet opens up continuous upskilling and certification pathways for you that bridge the gap between your skillset and industry demand.

Reduce Your Worries

LabourNet cares. Aside from ensuring timely payments, better benefits, and smooth onboarding and paperwork, we also bring financial enablement, housing support, and welfare schemes for your family.

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